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Adult explanations

At first glance, this is a classic Activity, with familiar rules, an almost unchanged field and well-recognized chips. The way we remember and love her from childhood. But now we seem to have grown up - and what to do? And try to draw "Student Sex Orgy" or portray "Voluptuousness" in a pantomime.

Red card, player!

It is this kind of tasks that contain red cards. They are stacked in a separate deck and when your chip hits the red cell you will have to complete tasks of a completely adult kind. This is the main innovation on the field.

And how ... well ... adults?

Quite. For example, you might come across a "lingerie fetishist" or "group sex" explanation. But you are adults, you probably had to come home too late and give out much more complicated explanations ... or, coming home too early, listen to much more confusing explanations ...

And the rest?

The rest is the same hilarious, dynamic Activity, equipped, by the way, with a timer instead of an hourglass. The principle is familiar - from 3 to 16 people play, take turns moving the pieces across the field and, taking a card in their turn, try to convey to the team as many of the words indicated on it in the manner indicated on it. That is - in words without the use of synonyms, drawing or pantomime.

It will definitely come in handy:

  • A friendly company of young people, among whom there are those who are not averse to getting to know each other better. After all, we remember that Activity is not only logic and laughter, these are the things that we find out about any explainer better and more honestly than if he answered direct questions;
  • To an adult party. Any Activity can make an evening, and this one will add pepper to the most modest party of shy people;
  • Sweet couple. After all, contrary to the rules, you can simply take the cards one by one and explain the meaning of the words to your partner. And, since you are playing together, feel free to concentrate on the red deck! And who knows what you might want to do next ...

The set includes:

  • 330 cards, of which 110 with erotic words and phrases;
  • Playing field;
  • Timer;
  • Chips;
  • Rules of the game.

Activities for adults

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