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Jenga Romantic Board Game

Construction is the greatest occupation that mankind has invented. We erect huge buildings that reach the clouds. Skyscrapers are beautiful hand-made creations. But it all starts small. Since childhood, we have been playing construction sets, trying to build unprecedented houses from blocks. But there are games in which you need not only to build, but also to try to make sure that the entire building does not collapse. We go up block by block, trying to hold the entire structure. Fell down? Then let's start all over again!

The Jenga (Romantic) board game is a version of the most famous game in the whole world. The simplest process of the game, which, nevertheless, fascinates everyone. What is the essence of the original game? A tower is being built of 18 floors, three blocks each. What do you need to do? Build a tower higher from the same blocks. The player gets one of the blocks, except for the top one and the one that was placed last. He places this block on the roof of the building. And so the game continues until someone's block leads to the fall of the entire structure.

But! There is one small nuance in the Jenga (Romantic) board game. Take the kids away - the game is getting hot! After all, it is not for nothing that it is called Rosmantik, since it uses blocks for girls and men. What does it mean? On each block there are tasks to be completed by the one who got this or that block. But almost all of these tasks are of a sexual nature.

The board game Jenga (Romanti) will be liked by those who love such popular games among young people as a bottle, truth or lie, etc. After all, she's definitely not suitable for those who do not like kissing. Yes, in this game there are tasks such as taking off some of your clothes, kissing someone, and the like. Therefore, it is best to play with the same number of girls and guys so that no one is offended. If there are more girls, then this is not a problem, the guys will have more fun. Therefore, it is worth choosing each block carefully so as not to pull out an uncomfortable task, such as kissing all the guys or hugging your friend by the waist.

In order to dilute the atmosphere of the party, to give heat - we recommend Jenga, because with her it will turn out to set the company in a positive way, to bring the couples even closer together. You can play alone for the couple to add variety to family life. Only in a fit of violent passion, do not forget that you continue to play and build the tallest tower.

Complete set of the game Jenga Romantic:

  • 37 clean sticks
  • 15 quest blocks
  • rules of the game

Tower (Jenga) Romantic

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