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Passionately like on a first date

This game is one of the most unusual in our store:

  • The party lasts 2-3 weeks at least;
  • The game can only be played once in a lifetime;
  • This is a smart and very beautiful game for couples in love;
  • Everything in the game is very romantic and magical.

The game "For You" will return the passionate and lively feelings of the first months of courtship and meetings to a couple who have been living together for a long time, and for a young couple it will become a gift that will make the relationship incredibly strong.

Like a second honeymoon

After you try For You, you will realize that your first honeymoon was not as interesting and romantic as the game that has begun between you now. It's just different now. Now you are not just enjoying each other and the time spent together, but doing what you would never have dared to do without this game.

What is this incredible box? How to play?

Inside the box, you will find two sealed envelopes. Each of them contains 15 tasks for a loved one and for a loved one:

  • You cannot show your assignments to anyone;
  • Each task is a surprise;
  • You need to prepare for assignments, and then present them as magical gifts;
  • The game combines both complex forfeits and an exciting set of adventures: in the near future you will not have the question of how to relax;
  • If the game turns your life around, we are not to blame.

What are the tasks?

Oh, they are very different, but each of them will definitely be remembered for many years. If you, of course, dare to do it.

The task card contains both a description of the romantic surprise and detailed instructions on how to complete it. And also - useful tips, "tricks" and other small joys that make even ordinary things incredibly beautiful.

Some tasks will require costs from you to prepare, but, again, you can skip them, because you need to do 10 out of 15.

Who should give this game as a gift?

  • A married couple on a wedding anniversary or other holiday;
  • Newlyweds for a wedding or after a honeymoon;
  • The guy and the girl who started dating

How is the winner determined?

Formally, in the game "For You" you can win: each completed task is marked with chalk on a special magnet on the refrigerator. But, of course, if you just start playing, you win, your relationship and your happy future together.

Can you see an example of a task from the game, or at least a large photo of the card?

The essence of the game is that the tasks are surprises, so there can be no examples directly from the game. Although, of course, in the photos below you can see the cards :)

Okay, but at least what are the quests like?

They can be very different: from very simple, like a pleasant romantic gift with a special atmosphere, to quite complex or requiring some expenses. Many surprises are the things that every woman and every man dreams of, but they rarely wait, because their “half” does not even know that it is worth doing this. In general, if you want to refresh and strengthen relationships and at the same time are ready to make every effort for the sake of joy, romance and doing completely unusual things, then this game is for you.

How intimate are the surprises?

There is also one "easy" intimate task, but given that you need to do 10 out of 15, you can skip them. In general, there is not a single surprise in the envelopes that might seem too frivolous: this is a smart and very kind game about true love. If you are looking for something more erotic, then perhaps you should look at adult games.

Can you give a gift to a couple who do not live together?

If he is from Novosibirsk, and she is from Samara, then, probably, it will be very difficult for them to play. But for those who already meet, but have not yet settled under one roof, the game is very suitable.

What's in the box?

  • 15 cards for him and 15 cards for her with tasks. The size of the card is 145 millimeters by 91 millimeters, which is a cross between large cards and postcards. Each card is colorfully illustrated in a neo-impressionist style;
  • 2 envelopes in order not to confuse the cards and not accidentally look at the wrong ones;
  • A flexible magnet for recording game results, glued to a refrigerator or any other large metal object;
  • Round chalk for writing on a flexible magnet, each box has its own color;
  • Postcard with the rules of the game.

For you

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