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Like "Bottle", only forfeits!

Fanta # 8 "Bottle" is a flirting game for a company of up to ten people. There is no need to twist the bottle, but you can have fun at a hot party or get a lot of new sensations on vacation or on the road.

How explicit are the assignments?

Enough for the company. You can drop all conventions, but at the same time not go beyond reasonable limits. Simply put - the very thing to start a closer relationship with someone from the company.

The game has five levels of "toughness", where the latter touches, a maximum of kisses and not quite secular questions and answers: this is a series of "flirting", not "erotica".

Where should I get the bottle forfeits?

  • To the party;
  • To the beach;
  • Out of town;
  • On vacation;
  • And in general, wherever erotic forfeits will be in place.

What's in the set?

  • 50 cards: 10 for the draw, 40 for tasks (8 for each difficulty level);
  • Token for draws;
  • Forfeits rules.

An example of a fantasy from the "Bottle" can be viewed in the photographs of the cards above

Fanta Flirt "Bottle"

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