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How to warm up, ignite and blow up a party?

Very simple! It is enough just to unpack the box of Tus' fanciers and innocently ask: “Shall we play?”. From this moment on, an excellent party is simply provided for you.

What will happen next?

First, there will be simple, but very exciting tasks that will provoke the participants in the game. Then the tasks will be more and more fun and difficult, they will begin to "kindle" passions and promote bold antics. At the end of the game, you get a completely unusual party with a very, very erotic slant. In a word, it will definitely succeed.

How many people can play?

From two men and two women to 16 people in the company. It is not necessary to divide "equally" into boys and girls.

What is this "Tusa" for?

  • To interrupt conversations about politics and the weather and move on to an interesting break;
  • To relax informally;
  • Once and for all, rid everyone in the company of complexes;
  • Turn a corporate party into something very, very funny and informal;
  • Diversify any holiday.

About a series of forfeits

The "flirting" series is a set of tasks that correspond to the most popular fantasy games from various popular games in Europe and America, as well as original forfeits that give the joy of communication. The whole series is designed to facilitate acquaintance and rapprochement and helps to quickly and easily become closer to the person you like and, possibly, meet the next morning together. The series includes both games for two: Coffee break, Shury-Mury, and forfeits for a larger company, for example Gulianka. For those looking for a continuation in bed, there is Fanty Chocolate.

What's in the box?

Inside there are 40 forfeits, which differ not only in their traditional light (in places - not only light) erotic slant, but also in their freedom, which will definitely cause laughter and revival of the whole company.

An example of a fanta from Tusa:

White card: Players: all participants.

The first girl conducts an open vote among men, which attracts everyone more at the first glance at a woman - ass or chest. Then the first man conducts an open vote among the girls, which is more attractive to each and them when she first meets a man - a sports figure or a smart look. If you are sitting in a kaja or a bar, then you drink a sip of wine for sexuality, and then continue the game.

Fanta Flirt (for company) "Tusa"

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