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You leave the house and get on the first date.

The fact is that you have with you a box of coffee breaks from the flirting series. Inside are simple forfeits that will help turn coffee gatherings into a magical adventure with a light erotic touch.

Who is the Coffee Break forfeits suitable for?

  • For those who want to get acquainted quickly, inevitably and unusual;
  • For those who want to try and arrange an absolutely incredible first date;
  • For those who want to relax and get rid of complexes;
  • Inside the box lies a reason for meeting and acquaintance;
  • And this box is also a wonderful scenario for an easy game with a person of the opposite sex you like.

What is very important, both a woman and a man can initiate the game with equal success and ease.

For how many players are these forfeits?

Strictly for two: no more people needed for a coffee date!

About a series of forfeits

The "flirting" series is a set of tasks that correspond to the most popular fantasy games from various popular games in Europe and America, as well as original forfeits that give the joy of communication. The whole series is designed to facilitate acquaintance and rapprochement and helps to quickly and easily become closer to the person you like and, possibly, meet the next morning together. The series includes both games for two: this game, Shury-Mury, and forfeits for the company: Tusa and Gullyanka. For those looking for a continuation in bed, there is Fanty Chocolate.

What's inside the box?

  • Eight methods of meeting in a public place. All eight work great even for those who are shy or afraid to make mistakes.
  • Forty frank forfeits - cards with tasks.
  • Token for the draw

An example of a Fanta from a Coffee Break

White card: Fantasizing takes the second player by the hand, looks into his eyes with a long, friendly look and smiles. He does it as if he was alone with a loved one, whom he had long wanted to see. Tune in to the fact that both of you will get genuine pleasure from today's meeting, because for this you are going to play.

Fanta Flirt "Coffee break"

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