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Fanta is a salon game that was played even under Catherine. The nobles wrote down various tasks on paper, and then threw their hat with them in a circle, forcing the darlings and ladies and gentlemen to pull out a random phantom and carry it out.

Then the tasks were quite simple: answering questions, funny dances, showing various animals, and so on. Later, gentlemen hussars added a little "pepper" and forfeits once and for all became an erotic game.

How many players is the game for?

For two: otherwise, instead of an intimate date, you will end up with a real party.

A dating tool that is not sold in pharmacies

Fanta-flirting "Shura-mura" is a rather "soft" and at the same time very effective means of acquaintance. Let's just say that the influence of the gentlemen of the hussars here has not yet emerged, and the tasks are quite innocent ... almost.

Who are these forfeits for?

Do not hesitate to choose "Shura-mura" if

  • You already know each other and are going to get closer;
  • Do you want to spend a date without playing "okay", but somehow more serious and more intimate;
  • You are going to be liberated and get rid of indecision once and for all;
  • Want to be alone;
  • And finally, you want to find a proven means of convergence that has helped more than one thousand couples have fun.

About a series of forfeits

The "flirting" series is a set of tasks that correspond to the most popular fantasy games from various popular games in Europe and America, as well as original forfeits that give the joy of communication. The whole series is designed to facilitate acquaintance and rapprochement and helps to quickly and easily become closer to the person you like and, possibly, meet the next morning together. The series includes both games for two like this and Coffee Break, and forfeits for the company: Tusa and Gulianka. For those looking for a continuation in bed, there is Fanty Chocolate.

What's in the box?

  • 48 cards with tasks;
  • A token for the draw.

An example of a fanta from Shura-Mura

White card: The fancier closes his eyes, and the playmate gently and sensually strokes his cheek with the back of his hand, trying to do it all as affectionately as possible. After that, the fancier describes in detail his feelings. Then you change roles, and now the fanatic tries to be as affectionate as possible, touching his partner's cheek lightly, and he then tells how he felt at the same time.

Fanta Flirt "Shura-Mury"

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