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Date in bed

It all starts very decorously: you sit together (someone is even a little shy), start playing forfeits - and in a few minutes you are already in bed and forget about everything except each other. This is exactly what this edition is for: to start with coffee and finish in bed.

Who should choose forfeits "Coffee in Bed"?

  • Those who want the date to be not just interesting, but very, very interesting;
  • Those who are not yet very experienced in bed relationships;
  • Those who are shy when approaching bed;
  • For those who want to diversify their intimate life.

Game for adults

Marking 18+ is not accidental: this game will tell you not only about pistils, stamens and how bees reproduce, but will also help you master these processes for humans in practice. Simply put, this is not only entertainment, but also a wonderful textbook for a young couple to help start the right intimate life. And, of course, a wonderful gift for coming of age.

What's in the box?

  • 48 forfeits with tasks;
  • A piece for the drawing of lots.

An example of a card from forfeits "Coffee in bed"

After drinking a sip of wine from each other's mouths, you begin to be frank. Holding the palm of the second player and looking into his eyes, the fanatic describes in detail what kind of oral sex he likes most of all to receive, and what he likes to do with his tongue and lips himself. Without hesitation, he confides in where and how he prefers to kiss, lick, caress his partner's tongue and lips. At the same time, he frankly describes the feelings and emotions experienced, answering all the questions of the second player, even if they are very immodest. After that, you gently kiss and remove one piece of clothing from each other. If any of you are already stripped naked, the game moves to the yellow level.

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Fanta 18+ "Coffee in bed"

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