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Only for women! And their adored men

How to deal with boredom in intimate relationships? That's right, don't even let her get close. Do not wait for the moment when for the first time he glances at the young waitress with too long a glance (a short glance does not count, he is a man!), Do not relax, even if you even think that sex is still nothing at all (nothing is nothing good, but it is necessary that was brilliant), and most importantly - do not be shy about anything. Everything that happens between two adult representatives of the same biological species by mutual consent is permissible and beautiful. Well, if your man does not yet seem to agree with everything ... well, you will seduce him - with the help of this erotic game!

Three important points about these forfeits:

  • The nature of the assignments is mostly focused on vacation time. This does not mean that they cannot be played at home - but other sets have been created for the house, and with this, armed with a passport and a camera, it is better to conquer unknown horizons. And do very different things there, on these horizons;
  • Some forfeits require props - in order not to spoil the surprise, look at the rules for which one and indulging in sweet exciting guesses, just immediately load everything into your luggage. And on the spot you will get what you need in a particular phantom;
  • This game is addressed to women - so that they turn to their men in a new, bright and relaxed way. And it doesn't matter if this is your first vacation or ten years of marriage behind you, almost a divorce and three children. A man came up with tasks and wrote the rules, and the man is very happy in marriage. He knows what he is talking about, and knows what you should do so that happiness does not leave your union. Or returned to it - in all its splendor and variety.

A perfect gift for:

  • Your beloved man - just don't give him the deck: give him the game itself!
  • Couples of novice sex partners - let them learn good and bad right away!
  • A married couple who needs to renew their relationships and breathe young excitement into them.

Fanta 18+ "Sweet couple"

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