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Did You Kiss Today?

Game idea

“You don’t know me at all!” ... How many have not heard this phrase? How many couples in love broke up due to the fact that they knew little about each other, how many, using a common registry office stamp, ships named "family" sank, running into these reefs ... Board game "Did you kiss today?" presents you with an opportunity to bypass one of the threats to your life together today!

Prove to your loved one that you know everything about him that you can only know! Retake this challenging exam over and over again to improve your score and reveal new surprising, mysterious, funny or disturbing facets of your soul mate's personality!

Purpose and process of the game

Together, you must bring the pink heart token to the finishing space before the black heart token gets there. This is achieved by successfully answering questions with minimal use of prompts, as well as by making correct calculations when performing the prescribed actions. Do not forget that you are playing TOGETHER against a black heart token. In turn, draw the top card from the deck and read its text. It can be a question or a description of an action.

More details

If this is a question, read the text to yourself first, and then write down the answer. If you think that your partner will be able to answer a question, just read it out loud and wait for an answer, but do not immediately assume that the answer will completely coincide with yours. If, in fact, the answer is correct, the pink heart token advances by as much as three spaces. If you think that the question is difficult and it will be difficult to answer on the first attempt, you can help your partner by allocating help tokens to him, which will determine the number of additional attempts.

Fulfillment of desire

As the game progresses, you can collect kiss tokens, and if you can get 7 or more, then one of your desires, written down before the game, must be fulfilled at the discretion of your partner.

End of the game

Once the pink heart token reaches the finish line, the game ends. The black heart token does not stop if it reaches this division before the pink one, and moves further down the divisions. Depending on where the tokens end up at the end of the game, you can find out how your relationship is and maybe even get some tips!

Attention! Due to the specific nature of the content of this printed matter, the age limit "18+" applies.

As distributors, we are committed to warn you of this limitation and ask you to refrain from purchasing if you are not yet turned. We also warn you that we are not responsible for the content of this printed matter, for which we place the following announcement:
"For the classification of information products in accordance with FZ-436, see the imprint of the book, for children over 18 - also on the cover."

You can get acquainted with the full text of the proposal on the procedure for implementing the provisions of Federal Law No. 436-FZ of December 29, 2010 "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development" in relation to printed (book) products, please follow this link.


  • Playing field
  • 1 pink heart token
  • 1 black heart token
  • 110 double-sided question and action cards
  • 7 help tokens
  • 13 Kiss Tokens
  • 2 score cards
  • Rules of the game

Have you kissed Today?

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