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The poster of 100 curious things is a hundred educational tasks for little (and not only) geniuses. No more boredom! Embody ideas, erase the scratch layer and move on. With each task completed, the poster will turn into a real board of honor and, after a while, will become a list of personal exploits and motivation to do something more. This is a fun game that motivates you to learn, teach, dream and inspire you to set your personal records.

There is nothing easier and more enjoyable than celebrating your own achievements. Especially if you need to erase the scratch layer for this! Hang a poster of 100 Curious Tasks in a cozy, bright place and get inspired for exploits every morning. After completing the task, erase the scratch layer from it and move on! Let every day be an exciting adventure.

This poster will help your child:
1. Find interests and hobbies.
2. Develop comprehensively.
3. Discover your talents.
4. Make the family a support team.
5. Become self-reliant.
6. Learn to dream.
7. Reach goals.
8. Remember hundreds of amazing moments.
9. Get inspired for more.
10. Keep your childhood happy.

- Scratch-poster 100 Cases Junior edition (60x40 cm)
- Gift tube (then used as a time capsule for writing from childhood)
- Sticker to personalize scratch poster
- Form of agreement with parents "Deal in an adult way"
- Form "Letter from childhood"
- Coin, instructions for use

- Card size: 60x40cm,
- in Russian,
- material: plastic
- Tube size: 40 x 6 x 6 cm
Production: Ukraine.

100 curious cases

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