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Love Fanta 2 "Romantic" - Romantic game for a couple

Love Fanta "Romantic" is very similar to other famous games such as "For You" and "In Love".

The romantic game Love Fanta “Romantic” will give a powerful impulse to feelings and desires, make life brighter and more colorful, bring notes of romance into everyday life.

Before you is a very unusual game that will color relationships, give incredible emotions and romanticism. With this game you do not just enjoy the time spent together, but do what you would not have dared to do if it were not for Love Fanta “Romantic”. This beautiful, magical game lasts at least 1-3 weeks, can be played only once in a lifetime, will turn it around and inflame relationships incredibly.

Who is this game for? This game is suitable for both long-standing relationships and young couples. The game can be presented as a gift for a wedding, newlyweds after their honeymoon, a married couple on their anniversary or another occasion, a girl and boyfriend who have just started dating ... This is a game for you, lovers!

40 nifty romantic surprise quests of varying difficulty await you. There are both simple and fairly complex tasks that require some preparation. Most tasks need to be prepared in order to present them as a magical gift later. There are no overly explicit tasks in the game, there are only a few spicy moments. The concept of the game is aimed at beautiful love and romantic deeds. If you are interested in a more frank game, then pay attention to the game Love Fanta “69 or Games in bed”.

How to play? In the box you will find two envelopes with tasks: blue for him, pink for her. Take envelopes and do not show cards from them to each other. Choose any phantom and complete it on one of the difficulty levels. For completing the fantasy, you will receive points, which are marked with chips on a magnetic tablet. The tablet, if desired, can be placed on any metal surface. It is not necessary to fulfill all the forfeits. The game time is not limited.

Who wins? The main winner is your relationship, and out of the pair, the winner is the one who first reaches 25 points. The winner is rewarded with the opportunity to view all the cards from the envelope of the second half and choose a card (regardless of whether it was executed or not) that the loser will complete for him.

The romantic game Love Fanta "Romantic" will strengthen your couple, help you become closer to each other, fulfill the dream of your soul mate, bring notes of freshness and romance into your relationship.

Game package:
- deck of task cards for a man - 20 cards;
- deck of task cards for a woman - 20 cards;
- two envelopes for storing cards;
- magnetic tablet for marking points;
- rules of the game.

Play time: 1 to 3 weeks
Age: from 18 years old
Number of players: 2
Russian language

Love Fanta "Romantic"

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