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Romantic dates, dinners, surprises, gifts

Заказать романтический ужин в Киеве

Do you want to impress your loved one to the heart?

Самые романтичные места Киева
Do not doubt, you are in the right place. Romance lives here! Choose your perfect date, and we will organize all the "nuances".
Романтический ужин в необычном месте, Киев

The most popular dates this winter:

Date on the roof in Kiev

A warm secluded gazebo just for the two of you on the most beautiful roof of Kiev with a breathtaking view of the city.

Romantic dinner at the cinema for two in Kiev

Imagine how surprised she will be to learn, that there will be only two of you in the cinema where you invited her. Watch your favorite movie, laugh and drink wine.

Date at the Lighthouse in Kiev from Altecho

Help your beloved, to feel like a fairy-tale princess, as if from old books about love and adventure...

Romantic dinner at the Kiev Oceanarium

Like you were transported to the underwater kingdom. Around a flock of colorful fish, and an unusual sea creature swims nearby.

Date in the greenhouse at the Botanical Garden in Kiev

Being in the tropics is easier than it seems. Walking in the 

coolness of exotic trees - as if in the thickets of Bali.

Romantic dinner in a hot vat under the open sky

How nice to lie in the winter frosty time, hugging a loved one, in hot water right under the open sky.

Романтический ужин в Киеве

Why choose us?

You just need to choose an idea, and the implementation is ours. Don't worry about location, details, weather, table reservations and more.

Свидание на крыше в Киеве
Свидание на крыше в Киеве

We will do everything we need to make it unforgettable!

Романтический ужин в лесу с прогулкой на лошадях


You just voiced your wishes and even taboos - and we have already started working. You don't have to wait long, we can often arrange a date even for the coming evening.

Романтический вечер на крыше в Киеве


Get everything written on the site. No disappointments from the series "expectations - reality". Even if you are going to ride it by helicopter and boat in one day.

Ужин на парусной яхте



Beloved loves to take

insta-photos, and she has long dreamed of riding a yacht? Tell us about it. And we will make sure that she will tell her friends about your cool date for a long time!

Предложение руки и сердца на воздушном шаре



Even if you have been together for a long time, we will find something that can surprise you. After all, there is still so much in the world that is worth a try. We will tell you how to choose a date, taking into account the interests, character traits, preferences of your loved one.

Романтический ужин на крыше дома в Киеве


Our whole team is working to make the date as intended. Let's think and agree on the details - do not worry about the organizational moments.

Предложение руки и сердца в Киеве

How it works?

Организация романтического ужина в Киеве

You choose an idea for a date

Свидание в День святого Валентина

We agree on the date, time and all details

Заказать романтический ужин

You make a prepayment of 50%

And then we will do everything!

Забронировать романтический ужин в Киеве

We book a location, prepare it, decorate it

Заказать романтический ужин

We meet you and see you to the place of rest

Как красиво сделать предложение

You rest and after - pay the balance

Сервис романтики Альтечо

Dedicate time to your loved one, and leave the organization of the date to us.

Романтические ужины от Альтечо в Киеве

Everyone should do their job.

Romance is the business of Altecho.

Fill out the form and we will do everything!

Романтический ужин в Киеве

They came once and are now returning



Still have questions?

Book a call back, and we will be happy to answer everything.


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