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Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо
Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо

Bachelorette party, Birthday and other events on the roof...

Comfortably relax at a temperature of -10 degrees. There is heating inside the gazebo and the administrator will provide blankets. You will be warm and comfortable.


- warm date -

Where is the most romantic place in a big city? Of course, on the roof of a skyscraper.

Your vacation on top of the world, almost under the stars. And below - a magnificent view of the city, which is gradually enveloped in twilight. Watch the lights go out and the last rays of the sun hide.


In the palm of your hand: you can see the huge width of the Dnieper, all the bridges, islands, Pechersk, Podil, Motherland and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which are directly opposite you. Her eyes will glow with delight!


Look at the beauty of your favorite city and enjoy your vacation.



Романтический ужин в Киеве


Our rooftop platform are not for events, but for romantic dinners for TWO lovers (more about romantic Date on the roof ). But due to numerous inquiries, we also hold small events that meet 5 restrictions:


No more than 10 people on the roof on the Dnieper embankment and no more than 7 people on the roof on Shumsky Street


The end of the holiday no later than at 23:00


It is forbidden to shout, squeak and make noise during rest. Your holiday should not disturb our neighbors


Your vacation should be cultural and clean. Crackers, serpentines, any things and actions that require complex cleaning are prohibited


Alcohol abuse cannot take place during rest

Свидане на крыше в Киеве

In case of violation of any of the above restrictions, we reserve the right to stop your holiday early WITHOUT WARNING, without refund


Party on the roof in Kiev from Altecho
  • The whole roof area is just for your company

  • Warm transparent gazebo
    (It warms up well, it is comfortable to rest without outerwear even at a temperature of -10 C)

  • Furniture: table, chairs, small sofa
  • Beautiful dishes: glasses, cups, plates, utensils for your food

  • A small portable music column

  • Assistance in serving and serving your food.
    You can bring any food and drinks, or order delivery to our address. (Here it is also appropriate to remind about the prohibition of alcohol abuse)

Daytime until 17:00:

900 UAH/hour

Evening time:

1 800 UAH/hour

Additionally, you can order:


  • + 1 hour - 1200 UAH

  • Live music - 600 UAH/20 minutes

  • Photo shoot - 600 UAH/20 minutes

  • Videoshooting by quadcopter* - 4500 UAH

  • A little bit of Magic -          3500 UAH

  • Limousine transfer - 3700 UAH

  • Transfer by Mercedes Gelendvagin - 3000 UAH

     Bouquet of flowers:


  • Mulled wine - 200 UAH

  • Non-alcoholic mulled wine -  200 UAH

  • Champange Fragolino - 250 UAH

  • Non-alcoholic champange Fragolino - 250 UAH

  • Champange Martini - 500 UAH

  • Champange Moët & Chandon - 2900 UAH

  • Fruit juice 1 l - 150 UAH

  • Fresh 250 ml (apple-carrot-pear...) - 70 UAH

  • Coca-cola in glass - 80 UAH

  • Mineral water in glass (Morshinskaya/Borjomi) -
    80 UAH

  • Iced lemonade - 150 UAH

  • Oysters - 120 UAH/piece

  • Fruit plate - 300 UAH

  • Chocolates - 150 UAH

  • Raffaello sweets - 200 UAH

  • Cheese platter with nuts
    and honey - 600 UAH

  • Chocolate fondue - 200 UAH

  • Ice cream - 120 UAH/portion

  • Cookies with predictions - 150 UAH

  • Hookah (Serbetli) - 400 UAH

  • Hookah (Milano) - 500 UAH

  • Ordering food from restaurant - the cost of food by check + 100 UAH per serving (possible only from establishments where delivery is available)



  • Candle decoration - 150 UAH

  • A path of candles - 150 UAH

  • Decoration with rose petals - 150 UAH

  • Your joint photos decoration - 20 UAH / piece

  • Inscription "Happy Birthday" - 50 UAH

  • Big banner "MARRY ME" or
    "I LOVE YOU" - 500 UAH

  • Helium balloons decoration -   60 UAH/piece

  • Foil helium balloons decorations - 120 UAH/piece

  • Large foil balloons-numbers - 300 UAH

  • Other Wow ideas - from 650 UAH

Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо

Photos of an event on the roof