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Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо
Романтика у Шале (3).jpg

I will give you stars

The service depends on the weather and is only available during the warm season.


- summer date -

You don't have to be a pilot 

to appear among the billions of 

twinkling stars with your 

loved one.

It is enough just to have imagination and love your beloved. This date is about the sky, about the stars, about beauty far from bright cities.

The two of you will be able to feel and see the luxury of the starry sky, which is not hidden behind bright lights. The stars are so close, as if at arm's length.

And they sparkle just for the two of you. You will remember the suburban beauty of this date for a long time.

Your date might look

like this:


Make your choice:


Романтика у Шале (1).jpg
  • Романтичний вікенд для двох в шале біля самого озера та лісу 

  • Прогулянка по лісі

  • Басейн

  • Бесідочка

  • Рибалка

  • Карпатський дубовий чан

  • шампанське «Fragolino» 

  • Фруктова тарілка

  • Прикрашання пелюстками траянд

  • Свічками

  • Романтичний сніданок в лісі

       Додатково можна замовити вечерю з тандиру.

Романтический ужин в Киеве

с 14:00 до 12:00

5 900 грн

She will tell all her friends about it!


The date takes place in the Kyiv region near the town of Bila Tserkva.

Photos and videos date under the stars

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