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Свидание на крыше в Киеве
Романтический ужин в Киеве
The date on the roof in Kiev

Where is the most romantic place in the capital? Of course, on the roof. Only the two of you are almost under the stars. And below - a magnificent view of the night...

Romantic dinner in a greenhouse in the botanical garden in Kiev

Being in the tropics is easier than it seems. Walking in the coolness of exotic trees - as if in the thickets of Bali.

The date at the Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv

Dinner at the Bulgakov Museum

A date in an old house in Podil, where manuscripts do not burn, and was wrote one of the most mystical novels in the world.

Certificate for a romantic dinner in Kiev from Altecho

Certificate for any of the romantic dinners from Altecho. Romance should be shared...

Romance in the hotel room from Altecho

While she went for shopping or at the gym, you can create romance in your bedroom. Imagine her eyes shining with admiration.

Rooftop restaurant in Kiev

A warm secluded gazebo just for the two of you on the most beautiful roof of Kiev with a breathtaking view of the city.

Romantic dinner in the Kiev ocearium

It is just like you appeared in to the underwater kingdom. Around a flock of colorful fish, and an unusual sea creature swims nearby.

Romantic dinner in a hot vat in the open air in Kiev

It's so nice to lie down in the winter frosty time, to hug a loved one, in hot water under the sky.

Romantic dinner in a hotel room in Kiev

A night in a beautiful hotel: here you are leading her down the corridor, putting a blindfold on her eyes, finding the right door and... welcome to the fairy tale...

Romantic dinner in a restaurant for two in Kiev

Romantic dinner in a beautiful fairy-tale hall. As a bonus will be a panoramic windows and views from the 23rd floor of the Dnieper and the South Bridge.

The date at the Lighthouse in Kiev from Altecho

Help your beloved, to feel like a fairy-tale princess, as if from old books about love and adventure...

Romantic dinner and a date at the cinema for two in Kiev

Imagine how surprised she will be when realized, that there will be only two of you in the cinema where you invited her. Watch your favorite movie, laugh and drink wine.

Romantic dinner at the restaurant Panorama on Khreschatyk in Kiev

Romantic dinner in the VIP hall of "Panorama" restaurant only for you with a beautiful view of Podil, Dnipro and Mariinsky park.

Romantic dinner in the dungeon in Kiev

Romantic dinner in the dungeon of the ancient treasury. Or maybe you can even solve the mystery of the Scythian king...

Romantic dinner by the pool in Kiev

Do you want to swim with your loved one in a beautiful pool? And you can drink champagne and eat fruit right there, hugging in the water.

The date on the roof in Kiev

Romantic dinner on the most beautiful roof of Kiev, overlooking the Dnieper, bridges, Lavra, Pechersk, Podil and the entire Right Bank.

Romantic dinner in a transparent sphere under the stars, Kyiv

It is said that the stars can be seen much brighter outside the city. And if you get to the starfall - the night under the stars will fulfill even the most cherished desires.

Marriage proposal by helicopter in Kiev

Just imagine how often her heart would beat, how her eyes would glow, and then most of her friends would say, "Wow."

Romantic dinner in the SPA complex

Give your beloved heavenly pleasure. After all, all the girls love SPA. Everything around is so tender and beautiful, and next to you.

Love Story photo session in Kiev

Beautiful, tender, passionate, mysterious? How do you want to see her? Your best Love Story photo shoot at any of our locations.

The date on a raft, Kyiv, Altecho

You are on a raft, surrounded by water. The waves crash softly and the candles crack. Around no one. As if in the whole world only the two of you.

Romantic dinner in the woods with a horseback ride, Kiev

I wonder, all the girls on horseback imagine themselves as a princess? And if there is also a fabulous dinner in the forest...

Romantic flight on a plane for two in Kiev

Is it possible to feel incompatible at the same time? Of course, adrenaline and delight, complete freedom and power of the wind, and of course weightlessness.

Bachelorette party on the rooftop Altecho

Party, bachelorette party, bachelor party, event, corporate party, birthday, any of your holidays on the most beautiful roof of Kiev.

The date on the roof in Kiev from Altecho

On Instagram, we arrange a giveavay where you can win a romantic dinner as a gift. Imagine how surprised and happy she will be.

Romantic dinner on a sailing yacht in kiev

Romantic sailing on a yacht. And she holds your hand tightly. Probably every princess dreamed about this when she was a child.

Marriage proposal in a balloon

Romantic words sound special in the sky. And the whole world looks special. What can be more magical than this?

The date and romantic dinner on the beach in Kiev

It is better to admire the sunset on the shore. See how the last rays of the sun are reflected in the water. And the waves give coolness to the warm sand.

Loft romance by Altecho

Tired of banality? This is definitely something new. Easy audacity in the interior. A woodpile and a bike, almost ready to rush into the sunset.

Photo session in Kiev

Beautiful, tender, passionate, mysterious? How do you want to see her? Your best Love Story photo shoot at any of our locations.

ужин на крыше в Киеве

Dedicate time to your loved one, and leave the organization on 

the date to us.

Романтический ужин в Киеве в необычном месте

Everyone should do their job.


Romance is the business of Altecho.


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