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Романтический ужин на панорманом маяке
Свидание на маяке в Киеве от Альтечо
Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо

I will make your dream come true and take you to the place where the lighthouse's light is on ...

Comfortable rest at a temperature of -10 degrees. Inside the lighthouse is a good heater. You will be warm and comfortable.


- warm date-

The date is just like in the movie she once talked about.

When a young couple ran to the lighthouse to be together away from the issues of the life. To talk about their feelings, hug and kiss alone.


Escape from the city together, to the lighthouse, where the atmosphere of old romantic books reigns. A cozy hall just for the two of you with panoramic windows to enjoy the magnificent view from a height of Obolon and yachts sailing on the water of Dnieper.


An exclusive date for those who love old novels and movies.

Романтический ужин на Маяке

Your date might look

like this:

Романтический ужин на маяке в Киеве