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Романический ужин свидание на крыше, Киев, Альтечо
Ресторан для двоих от сервиса романтики

Let's save the happiest moments, the sincerity of emotions and feelings

All our locations are cozy and atmospheric. You will be warm and comfortable. Come and make sure that we are ideally suited to each other.


- warm service -

This is a great way to capture the happiest moments in photos.

We invite you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creativity and magic. Save unique emotions and feelings that definitely nothing so colorful can convey as a photo.


Your good mood and trusting relationship with the photographer is the key to successful photo shoot, if necessary, the photographer will prompt and guide you, setting the rhythm and scenario of photo shoot.


Don't pay attention to the camera, just enjoy the moment, laugh, smile and everything will turn out great. This is how the most beautiful, emotional, bright and touching photos turn out.

What types of photo session do we arrange?


Make your choice:

Choose the option that is right for you:



The best photos on the roof for photo session
  • Professional photo shoot

  • Rent one of our locations

  • 1 hour of photography

  • 30 photos in color (10 in retouch)

  • Ready in 10 days

Романтический ужин в Киеве

1 hour

The cost depends on the chosen location


The date on a raft, Kyiv, Altech
  • Professional photo shoot 

  • Rent one of our locations

  • 2 hours of photography

  • From 60 photos in color (20 in retouch)

  • Ready in 2-3 weeks

Романтический ужин в Киеве

2 hours

The cost depends on the chosen location

Everything will be tip top! In every sense!


Your mood is very important to show the sincerity of emotions and easiness during the photo shoot, so we do not recommend to plan serious meetings and negotiations for this day.

Our locations:

Examples of our photos

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