Романтический ужин в Оранжерее
Свидание в тропической оранжерее (в джунглях)

Tropical romance to the sound of a waterfall


Rest comfortably in any weather. Inside the greenhouse, the warm temperature required for tropical plants is maintained.

- warm service -

To be in the tropics without leaving Kiev? Of course it is possible.

It's easier than it seems. Walking in the shade of exotic trees - as if in the thickets of Bali.


Somewhere there is a noisy city with its bustle, but it does not matter, here you are two and these moments are only yours.


After a short walk and taking a couple of shots against the backdrop of tropical plants, stop - you will have a chic dinner for the sound of a waterfall.


Relax and just enjoy the beautiful nature. Give your loved one the feeling of tropical summer, even if around the fall humidity or winter cold.

Романтический ужин в ботаническом саду

Your date might look

like this:

Романтический ужин в оранжерее в ботаническом саду