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Gift certificate for a romantic dinner from the service of romance Altecho

This is what our gift certificate looks like:

The certificate itself is a plastic card the size of a bank card.

Front side:

Сертификат Альтечо укр.png

Back side:

Сертификат Альтечо обратная сторона укр.png

The certificate itself will be packed in an opening postcard:

(blue dotted line - bend line)

Открытка для сертификата с сертификатом укр.png

Outside of the postcard:

Открытка для сертификата внешняя сторона укр.png

A postcard with a certificate attached inside will be packed in an envelope:

Подарочный сертификат на романтический ужин от Альтечо, Киев

An envelope with a gift certificate is enclosed in a small neat bag:

Подарочный сертификат на романтический ужин от Альтечо, Киев

You can purchase a certificate for any of our services.

It will not contain any unnecessary information so as not to spoil the surprise.

Each certificate has its own unique number, which is assigned exactly the one of our services that you wish to present.

You can view the full list of our services here:

All information on our website is regularly updated and always up to date.

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