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When ordering a vacation on the roof, you undertake to strictly comply with the following rules, and take full responsibility for their observance by your companions whom you invite (take with you) to the roof:

By ordering the organization of leisure time on the roof, the customer confirms that he is aware that being on the roof is associated with a risk to life and health. Assumes all risk, foreseen or unforeseen, to which he and his companions are exposed while on the roof, regardless of its causes. Releases the Organizers from any and all liability, claims, demands or suits or causes of action that may arise in connection with damages, losses, injuries or accidents. Understands that, for medical reasons, it is possible that He declares that he and his companions are in good psychological and physical shape to be on the roof of a multi-story building. He also confirms that neither he nor his companions will be on the roof in a state of alcohol, drug or other intoxication. Takes full responsibility for all his actions and the actions of his companions committed on the roof; agrees with the Rules of safety and staying on the roof specified below; undertakes to strictly observe them himself and guarantees their observance by his companions, for which he takes full responsibility.
The rules of the technique of safety and transfer to the roof:
1. All visitors are obliged to maintain cleanliness and order, to treat equipment, property, equipment and inventory located on the roof with care
2. The following are not allowed on the roof:
• Persons with signs of alcohol, drug or other intoxication
• Persons with signs of mental disorders
• Persons with flammable objects (including sky lanterns); firearms, gas or cold weapons; explosive, toxic or strongly smelling objects and substances; with things and substances, the free civil circulation of which is prohibited, as well as with things that can be identified as prohibited or dangerous by their appearance

• Persons with any animals. (Dogs, cats, parrots, reptiles, fish and any other representatives of the animal world without exception)

3. While staying on the roof, it is strictly forbidden to:

• To snuggle, lean on the fence, and also climb on it

Consume alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 18% and in an amount of more than 0.325 liters per person, unless otherwise agreed with the organizers

• Touch wires

• Throw any objects from the roof (including: cigarette butts, packs of cigarettes, any pieces of paper, and anything else). Please use the trash cans, there are plenty of them on the roof.

• Use narcotics, stimulants or other powerful substances

• Make noise, shout, run, use obscene language, words or actions that may offend other persons. The volume level of your vacation should not disturb our neighbors

• Apply inscriptions and stick products with informational content

4. Visitors must strictly comply with the requirements of the organizers regarding the safety of staying on the roof.

5. Children under the age of 15 are allowed only when accompanied by adults who take responsibility for children's compliance with these rules. Children from the age of 16 can independently order and use the service, but without drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking hookah on the roof.

6. The event on the roof may be canceled or interrupted due to force majeure circumstances that make it impossible or significantly difficult to provide the service. For example: lack of technical possibility to lift guests to the roof, maintenance or other work on the roof, technical malfunction of the equipment.

7. In the event of force majeure circumstances that make the provision of the service impossible or significantly difficult, persons who have paid for the service of staying on the roof will be offered to change the date and/or time of the event on the roof, or the money will be returned in full.

8. A refund of the cost of the service is possible only in the event of force majeure circumstances that make it impossible or significantly difficult to provide the service. ​

9. Changing (postponing) the date of the event is possible only with the consent of the organizers, and no later than a day before the originally booked time of providing the service; or in the event of force majeure circumstances that make it impossible or significantly complicate the provision of the service.

10. Organizers have the right to refuse to accept an order to anyone without giving a reason. The organizers have the right to refuse service to the customer, in case of violation by him or his companion of these rules, or the legislation of Ukraine or orders of the authorities of the city of Kyiv. In this case, the subscription is not refundable.

11. In case of non-compliance by the visitor with the Rules of staying on the roof or violation of safety techniques, the organizers have the right to end the vacation early, or to remove the violator from the roof, without compensation for the cost of services. ​ In case of violation of these rules by the customer (client) or his companion, only the customer (client) is responsible for the consequences, and he cannot have any claims against anyone. In this case, the customer (client) and his companion/companions waive the right to a claim/lawsuit and the grounds for a claim/lawsuit.

Зверніть увагу:

1. На даху немає укриття на випадок повітряної тривоги. Замовляючи відпочинок, Ви підтверджуєте, що усвідомлюєте і берете на себе всі випливаючі з цього ризики і відповілальність за їх можливі наслідки.

2. Під час відключення електроенергії у нас працює все необхідне для забезпечення Вашого відпочинку окрім ліфту. В такому випадку підйом на дах здійснюється сходами. 

3. При бронюванні відпочинку на даху, за Вами бронюється тривалість відпочинку, яка починається з узгодженого часу початку відпочинку, і триває узгоджену завчасно (або вказану в описі обраного варіанту наповнення) кількість часу. Якщо Ви спізнюєтесь на узгоджений для початку відпочинку час - упущена через спізнення частина тривалості відпочинку не компенсується. 

4. Якщо в Ваш відпочинок входить жива музика, або/і фотосесія або/і будь-яка інша послуга, що надається додатковим спеціалістом, то, в разі Вашого спізнення, відповідні спеціалісти чекають на Вас протягом 20 хвилин. При Вашому спізненні більш ніж на 20 хвилин, вони можуть припинити очікування або продовжити на власний розсуд, в залежності від наявності інших справ. 

Якщо через Ваше спізнення більше ніж на 20 хвилин Ви не встигли скористатися послугами таких спеціалістів як музикант, фотограф чи інші - ми все рівно оплачуємо заплановану завчасно роботу цих спеціалістів, і, відповідно, вартість відпочинку на даху залишається такою ж, як і мала бути за участю цих спеціалістів. 

5. Якщо Ви не бажаєте, щоб фотографії з Вашого відпочинку публікувасись у нас на сайті, або соцмережах, будь ласка, обов'язково попередьте нас про це. 
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