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Scratch poster for lovers "# 100 CASES LOVE Edition"

Poster "# 100 BUSINESS LOVE Edition" from is a new motivational scratch poster in Russian that will make the life of a couple more colorful and varied together.

First, select one of the activities on the poster. Do it together with love and pleasure. And then erase the protective scratch-off layer, marking your achievement. Enjoy the animated multi-colored illustration of the completed task and continue to diversify your relationships, making them more romantic and stronger with each task you complete!

Each of us has many reasons to work, study, play sports or what we love. But for some reason, the reason to develop your relationship is not always a priority. "# 100 BUSINESS LOVE Edition" is not just a poster with tasks, but exactly those very 100 reasons to understand, love and respect each other.

Scratch poster is packaged in a stylish design tube that protects it from damage and solves the issue of gift wrapping for the holiday.

+ Lovely Box
In addition, the tube can be used as a box for Lovely Box surprises: every week SHE on Wednesday, and HE on Friday, undertake to put small gifts or compliment notes for each other in the Lovely Box! Create your own romantic traditions!

"# 100 CASES LOVE Edition" is:
- an unusual gift for your half, a couple in love or newlyweds,
- a stylish and motivating home accessory,
- a reason to actively diversify romantic relationships and life together,
- multifunctional tube-box Lovely Box,
- new emotions in relationships and funny joint memories,
- attention to how important it is to spend time together,
- an experience to share with your loving friends!

- Scratch poster 60x40 cm.
- Tube 45x7 cm.
- Buttons to attach the poster to the wall,
- Special scraper to remove scratch,
- Felt piece to remove scratch residues,
- Lovely Box (which can be made from a tube),
- A set of 10 stickers,
- Instructions for use.

Scratch poster for lovers "# 100 CASES LOVE Edition"

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