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Straight road to bed

As the authors of these forfeits say, sometimes it happens that it is somehow inconvenient to offer it right away. It is in this case that the box with the double game "Fanty-Perchik" comes to the rescue, where there is everything you need so that the offer is not needed, and you somehow suddenly found yourself in bed right away.

The first step is flirting

The second is attraction, the third is desire, and the fourth is passion.

This is how the forfeits from the "Perchik" set are divided in terms of complexity and intimacy. Getting started is easy, and can only be completed in a very, very intimate setting.

Who is this game for?

For those who are going to drop all conventions and hotly melt all possible ice in a relationship. And also for those who have not tried various toys in bed and are going to offer this to their partner in the simplest and most interesting way.

Is there an example of a task?

Yes, here it is:

White card: The fancier comes up with three excuses for not having sex when you are full, healthy and feeling fine. Then the second player gives three opposite arguments in favor of sex, and also refutes the "excuses" he heard. If you have wine on hand, then before continuing the game, you drink a glass to the pleasures of life, the most enjoyable of which is sex.

What's in the Fantov-Perchik box?

  • A token for the draw;
  • Rules of the game;
  • 40 cards with tasks.

Fanty 18+ "Perchik"

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