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Fascinating pastime

If routine and boredom come into sexual relations, then it's time to change something. Probably, hardly anyone wants to check this truth on their own experience, risking a relationship with a loved one. It is much better to catch yourself at the first signs of cooling feelings and make sure that the time spent together is exciting and unforgettable for both partners. In this matter, the best help is forfeits "Bed affair".

Intriguing start

Almost everyone knows how to play forfeits, because the rules are simple and unpretentious. But the tasks that fantasies will have to perform in "Bed Affair" are not at all simple. True, at first, white forfeits are played out with light exciting tasks, which will not be difficult even for inexperienced lovers to complete.

Hot sequel

Yellow and pink forfeits are called upon to kindle further the passions of love. Here you already need to show affection and tenderness to your partner, or it may be that you start a fun role-playing game. At the end of the game, tasks lead to a red phantom, which will introduce players to interesting poses and bring the most vivid sexual impressions. All tasks contain detailed descriptions of the organization and conduct of the game, as well as recommendations for the use of accessories for sex.

Who is this game for?

  • For those who wish to get to know their partner better and realize their joint sensual potential;
  • Who has the courage to bring freshness and novelty to family sex;
  • Who does not like to be bored in bed, looking at the ceiling;
  • Who intends to diversify their sex life through role-playing erotic games.

Box contents:

Only 48 beautiful, illustrated forfeits will give you many unforgettable moments of intimate communication.

Fanta 18+ "Bed affair"

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