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Here is a real hit for lovers: a game that strengthens relationships, helps to spend an evening in a romantic atmosphere and learn more about each other.

Let's start with the fun part: what's in this bright box?

  • Two decks of cards with tasks - dark blue for him and pink for her: 35 "Feelings" cards, 35 "Relationships" and 35 "Reflection" cards;
  • 60 two-color "Competition" cards for two;
  • 10 Mission cards;
  • 20 bonus cards;
  • Hexagonal cube with hearts showing the type of cards;
  • Magnetic frame for the refrigerator (so that your significant other remembers about the desire for which the game is being played);
  • A box for cards with a place to roll a die. The box is specially made so that you can play anywhere - including lying in bed.

Are we really going to play for wishes?

Yes, and the game is going to be very interesting. The first thing to do is determine what you will be playing. Both he and she draw on the "Bonus" card, but do not read it - the desire will open either during the game, or after the victory. Do you want your significant other to serve you breakfast in bed for three days, write romantic notes all week, or do something similar? This and much more is on the Bonus cards.

Pulled on the map? Now you can start. At the very beginning of the In Love round, you draw a Mission card. It says what tasks you need to complete. As soon as you collect the required number of cards, you win. Tasks are selected and completed in turn: both he and she roll a die to take one card from the corresponding deck (with different types of phantom tasks).

The most interesting thing is that the tasks are considered completed only when your significant other thinks so, so they must be done very, very diligently!

Why Choose In Love

  • This is a great gift for any couple in love, which will help heighten feelings: everything is thought out just for this. Even after the game itself is over, the bonus won will be valid, which will definitely add joy to the relationship.
  • The game can be very multifaceted and unusual: you will probably get to know each other better. To play In Love, you need to understand your loved one very well.
  • “In Love” is a great game for having a great rest together: smart and very funny entertainment;
  • Unlike “Party in bed”, “In Love” is not so “aggressive”, that is, it may well serve to get to know the person you like much closer.

In love

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